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Our Story


Just as a lotus grows in the marsh,

We understand that the path towards good health is sometimes long and foreboding, which is why we’re here to help.

Prosperous Living

We value a holistic, personalized approach to wellness and believe that good health begins by looking at the whole person. Regular exercise, mental wellness, and a balanced diet complemented by the occasional supplement are the keys to a joyful life.

Our Mission

Empower people to take control of their health and, ultimately, improve their quality of life.

Inspired by Friendship

The story begins with Lucas Main, who was recovering from a stressful bout of cancer. His recovery plan included working with Andres Reed, who operated a fitness club that helped people recover strength and conditioning through exercise and nutrition. Inspired by Lucas’ recovery, the two became good friends and partnered to develop a line of natural supplements based on helping others take control of their physical and mental health.

  • A stronger immune system for a stronger you*
  • Support digestive health with pro & prebiotics*
  • Simple, all-natural, effective ingredients
  • $39.99

  • All-natural ingredients to help you get some R&R*
  • Relax your mind and calm your body*
  • Get cozy and unwind after a long day
  • $39.99